New Covenant of Peace
World Impact Ministries

Bishop Tony Russell and Pastor Valerie Russell


Welcome to our new home in Cyber Space WOW!  We are excited about the opportunity of staying in touch with you by way of this web sight.  Pray for us, send us your suggestions and prayer requests.  Remember No matter who you are, what you have done, where you have been, or where you plan to go, Jesus Loves You and has a wonderful plan and purpose for you life if you will let him be your Lord TODAY!

Again, welcome! and please send us your comments and prayer request by using our contact page.  Thanks!

About Us...

New Covenant of Peace is a non-denominational, multi-ethnic ministry with a firm commitment to New Testament theology and the Doctrine of the Apostles. We extend the Olive Branch of Peace to all who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God The Father. 

As a Local Church we are a part of the Higher Ground International Fellowship of Churches.  Higher Ground Fellowship was founded in 1997 by the Late Bishop James E. Washington of Detroit, Michigan.  The fellowship was designed to be a support system to small but growing churches so that none would feel isolated and alone.  While a part of this fellowship we enjoy worship with all Christian denominations. 

New Covenant is a worshiping community.  As stated in our Vision Praise and Worship is our Priority.  We have also discovered that a unique mixture of Teen, Young Adults along with very mature and seasoned Ministry Gifts are being attracted to this ministry. 

We have a mandate from God to make a difference and believe that we have been sovereignly located where we are to do exactly that.  New Covenant  is a come as you are Church. 

It is our prayer that when people walk through our doors they we be impacted by:

The Love of God expressed in His Presence
The Life God experienced in His Word
The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World!

Whatever You Need is Here!

New Covenant of Peace World Impact Ministries exists to be a place where God can be known, unconditional love experienced, community needs met, and weary souls find R.E.S.T.
(Redeeming Souls, Establishing Relationships, Support, and Training.)


Worship Center of
New Covenant of Peace World Impact Ministries

Come discover
the difference
His presence makes!

20159 Van Dyke
Detroit, MI 48234



Join us at any of these worship services:

  10:00 am
- Sunday School
  11:15 am
- Worship Celebration
  7:00 pm
- Wednesday
   Bible Study